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Top Takeaways from Monitorama 2022

Two of our folks went to Monitorama 2022, and they gleaned a few pearls of wisdom they'd love to share with you, including an unexpected,...

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An Observability Guide From Someone with a Precarious Grasp on the Topic

I’m Phillip, a product manager here at Honeycomb. After eleven-ish months of working on our product, I totally understand observability, right? ...Kinda? Sorta? Maybe? I'm...


Honeycomb OpenTelemetry Distro for Java reaches 1.0 release

Today, the Honeycomb OpenTelemetry Distribution for Java reaches a major milestone with a 1.0 release. This is the first Honeycomb OTel Distro to come out...

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Announcing General Availability of the Honeycomb Query Data API

The Query Data API is a Honeycomb Enterprise feature. With a Honeycomb Enterprise account, you can use this API today. Head over to our API...

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Honeycomb Is All-In on OpenTelemetry

OpenTelemetry (or “OTel”) helps you get your instrumentation started quickly, and it helps you get the most out of that telemetry data by providing flexible...