Orient Yourself Instantly with a New Homepage Experience
Honeycomb has always been about flexibility, power, and speed — and about working with your data in a way that other vendors say is impossible. But now Honeycomb is also about being easier than ever to orient yourself and begin getting value out of your data right away. We’re excited to unveil a new version […]
Honeycomb and Rookout: An Integration That Finds the Dots to Connect
This guest blog post is by Or Weis, Co-Founder and CEO of Rookout, the Rapid Debugging Company. He’s a low-level engineer and a CybSec Expert. You probably know that Honeycomb is the most flexible observability tool around. Its powerful high-cardinality search makes working with real raw data quick and easy. But as you may have learned […]
Level Up With Derived Columns: Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Manipulation
When we released derived columns last year, we already knew they were a powerful way to manipulate and explore data in Honeycomb, but we didn’t realize just how many different ways folks could use them. We use them all the time to improve our perspective when looking at data as we use Honeycomb internally, so we decided […]
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