Observability Video Grab Bag!

Today we have a grab-bag of observability-themed videos for you–take your pick, or watch all of them–we won’t judge 🙂

Honeycomb Tech Talks are finally being recorded!

Many folks have asked, and we’re finally able to record the kickass talks at our meetups. Here are the videos from our most recent “Observability beyond systems” event at Heavybit:

Business Observability Matters Too by Baron Schwartz


Product Hackers and why you need a team like ours by Sam Zeitline


Providing Visibility for All Stakeholders by Rachel Myers

And join us on May 16th for another round! Sign up for the Honeycomb Tech Talks Meetup group and we’ll let you know when you can RSVP.

Christine on TheCUBE at DevNet Create 2018

Watch this ~20 minute interview with our own Christine for a great overview of Honeycomb, why we’re different, and also to hear her say we need observability because we used to treat our systems like pets and now we treat them like cattle–and any one might die at any time!! (Cue sad mooing.)


Aneel receives “Most Cynical” title in ML/AI in observability roundtable discussion

…Wherein my boss accepts the sparkly crown of most cynical marketing person ever – and then shows his true mettle in the realm 🙂

aneel with sarcasm crown

This round-table starts with the basics: What IS observability? Why observability? and then rapidly gets more cerebral, with a discussion of whether observability is something that will always require human involvement. It’s an hour, there is some bloviating, but also some great pwnage 🙂


Want to find out what having real observability is like? Try us out for free!

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