A Field Guide to Observability


About a month ago, our own Aneel Lakhani spoke at devopsdays Minneapolis and shared some of his self-deprecating wisdom. He’s kind of bad at self-promotion for a marketing person, so I’m here to tell you about it 🙂


If you’ve been hearing about this term “observability” and have been looking for some more context or definitions, this is your talk. In his own words, you’re going to get:

”…a brief field guide to the theory and practice of observability, so we can break down the barriers between teams by sharing real actionable introspection about the systems we co-create.”

I’ll warn you up front–he likes to make up words:

slide with observawhathehellareyoutalkingabout

…even when he’s talking about what things aren’t:

slide with mathing

But he also keeps it simple:

slide with context is everything

So if you were indeed looking for an introduction to the concepts of observability:

Click through below to see the talk:

link to video

And the slides.

Thanks to everyone who came out to devopsdays Minneapolis, see you at many more devopsdays in the future!