Announcing the Honeycomb Examples Repository


Learn By Example

Honeycomb is next generation DevOps observability and debugging. It’s incredibly flexible and there’s a lot to learn, so getting started sending data can seem overwhelming.

We’re toiling like good worker bees to make the path clearer, and
one of the best approaches is near and dear to my heart – teaching by example. As a hands on
learner, I couldn’t be more pleased to introduce you to the shiny new Honeycomb
Examples Repo
today. Containing four
examples in its early stages, I hope to someday have it serve as a reference of
fully shrink-wrapped ready to rock examples allowing you to not only send data
in from simulations of “real world” apps and logs, but to rip off the best bits
and re-use them in your own instrumentation and Honeycomb usage.


Inside the examples repository there are four examples today:

  • golang-webapp – A two tier Twitter clone written in Go
  • honeytail-dockerd – A demonstration of Honeytail’s keyval parser to ingest
    Docker daemon logs
  • honeytail-nginx – A demonstration of Honeytail’s nginx parser to
    demonstrate starting at the edge
  • python-api – A Flask app demonstrating
    HTTP instrumentation with Python

All of the examples can be run locally on your laptop, or rapidly bootstrapped
using Docker Compose. Simply set
HONEYCOMB_WRITEKEY environment variable to your Honeycomb write key and run
docker-compose up in the example’s directory:

$ docker-compose up

As soon as data starts flowing in (e.g., from making HTTP requests to the
application), you should be able to see the created datasets in your Honeycomb
account. For instance, here you can see the output of the Golang web app
containers, including the sent events being printed to the terminal for
debugging purposes.

We want to make these examples as easy as possible to run – you should be able
to see how Honeycomb instrumentation works and poke at examples before venturing
off into the big unknown to do it yourself!


Where would you like to see the examples repository go?

Is there something on your mind that you’d like to observe but can’t today? Is
it serverless apps, slow query logs, job queues, or something else entirely?
Tweet at us @honeycombio or message us in the Intercom bubble on our website and
let us know!

The sky’s the limit with Honeycomb. And as always, don’t miss out on trying a
free Honeycomb trial today!