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Community wins for the o11ydays!

By Kelly Gallamore   |   Last modified on January 30, 2021

Alright, team, you did it. You really did it this time. You really brought it home for the o11ydays!

We had over 55 wonderful submissions for our December o11ydays contest. With the work from all those who submitted and many of our winners, altogether you raised almost $4000!

In fact, our team is so proud of our users for participating that we are going to match the donations to spread an even $10,000 across these charities:

Spirit of sharing

We wanted to hear your favorite Charity quotes and debugging stories. We wanted to see your favorite chart art. And you delivered! Here are some of the most buzz-worthy submissions we got to see:


@TimeSeriesArt even got in on the #chART game!

AND not only did you bring warmth and joy to our developer-focused twitter community, you even brought a little warmth and joy to a certain CTO.

Now that’s worth celebrating!

Special mentions to all our contest winners: @mjobrien, @monkchips, @paulsbruce, @solumos, @codegirlbrooke, @polyfillhelps, @luckypq@mpchlets, @devidcillo, @isaacsanders, and @phredmoyer!

Giving as a team sport

Thanks to you, our community for playing along, for sharing stories, and for making our first contest a success this o11yday season. We hope it brings light and inspiration to what can be a dark winter.

Have ideas for what our o11ydays 2021 contest should be? Drop me a line at and let me have it! Great ideas can come from anyone, and I love hearing from our community.

If you’re ready to get the observability you deserve, join us for our Weekly Live Demo or book time during our DevRel Team’s Observability Office Hours.


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