Honeycomb Signups Are Back! (With New & Improved Storage Support)


A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, some of you may remember signing up for Honeycomb access. (Okay, it was probably sometime in August.)

We were astonished by the response, by the hundreds of people who signed up following our initial tweet. We approved about half of the requests we received in August, and then realized we had made some miscalculations about what people would value.

So we paused signups. For the past six weeks, we stopped processing new users, and worked instead on getting you to the awesome parts faster and providing unique value.

  • 1) Getting you to the awesome parts faster. First of all, we focused on getting you to a rich dataset ASAP. Curl-ing an example event is boring! Single metrics aren’t interesting, context is interesting. We need to demonstrate our value before we can expect anyone to invest in instrumenting their own code.
  • 2) Storage connectors. Second, we realized the obvious way to do this is to focus on what we do best: databases. DBs and storage systems were an obvious place to show off how Honeycomb is not just a bit better than existing solutions, but an order of magnitude more powerful.

As a result: we’ve released connectors for MongoDB, MySQL and MySQL+RDS. We’ll be publishing case studies and helpful tips for software and systems engineers who have fallen into the role of accidental DBA, and more connectors are on their way.

We also have connectors for Heka, Logstash (fork writes to both ELK and Honeycomb!), and plain old JSON alongside our Go, Python, and Javascript libraries. Remember that backfilling old data is as easy as streaming new logfiles, and you can purge sensitive fields as necessary.

And … we’re about to turn the signups spigot back on. 🙂 If you signed up for an account in August, you’ll be getting an email in the next week or two. If you already have an account, we’ll be nudging you to come back and try out some of the cool new features.

Thanks so much for your support, as ever. We’re committed to changing the face of systems observability, one step at a time. Let us know how it goes!

The Honeys.
P.S. – If you haven’t signed up at all? Good lord, what are you waiting for?! Request an invite.