Honeycomb: The Year Bee-hind Us


As 2017 comes to a close, Honeycomb is also coming up on our 2nd anniversary as a Real Company™. It seems like a doubly-good time to reflect on the events of the past year, so strap in and join me as I bumble (haw!) along and share this year’s notable events 🙂


Kicking the year off right–as though we’d been saving up for the new year, we shipped three things in January!

  • released the much-anticipated Triggers feature so you can get notifications when your data meet criteria you define,
  • encouraged you to share your work with public permalinks, and
  • broadened your data ingestion horizons with the TCP agent for MongoDB.


Immediately moving on to further critical business, we finally had enough Honeycombers on Slack chatting about random stuff that we made #misc on Friday, Feb 24th–and to this day, hot topics continue to be: food, coffee, keyboards, dogs, and our increasingly-alarming level of dependence on LaCroix.

so much LaCroix

Following shortly on the heels of the creation of #misc, we made the startling discovery that Snapchat had a bee face filter (!!!), which led to many of us replacing our icons on Phabricator:

bee-faced honeycombers

(I showed up a bit late, and had to make do with a subsequent, less apiarially-accurate Snapchat bee filter. Also I just made up that word. I am a trained wordsmith, do not try this at home.)


Obviously the bee-mojis were just the thing, because shortly after that, we shipped one of our favorite collaborative tools, Playlists–which are now renamed to Boards and continue to support your effectiveness by letting you share your pinned queries and analyses with your teammates.


Representative of her typical level of commitment and follow-through, Christine decided on April 10th to dress as Hela from the Thor movie for Halloween…more on that later….

This coincided with a brief infatuation with weird covers of the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin (used in the Thor: Ragnarok trailers) and the creation of the #music channel in Slack.

Ragnarok or no, back in the real world, we officially launched Honeycomb as a production service the very next day, April 11th, and had a little rainbow-socked shindig on our back patio:

launch party

Riding high on the excitement of launching our service, known pun enthusiast Charity began her campaign of evil^Whumor:

first bee pun

(and shows no signs of stopping these many months later, I might add.)


Following one of Sam’s great side project ideas…

eben rates pull requests a la dog_rates twitter account

…and an external request for some more…old-school observability:

teletype Honeycomb integration?

We launched our much-loved Slack integration, making in-Slack unfurls of our beautiful graphs available to all our users who want to share their findings, and followed it just a month later with one of our most useful features yet, dynamic sampling–making it possible for you to

bee like ben--bee smart about sampling gif


We moved offices to our current location at the beginning of June, which is also about when we discovered ponysay:

omg ponysay:

While the ponysay rainbows were still galloping across our monitors, we shipped our beautiful stacked graphs visualization, added the option to right-click and filter, and gave our users the ability to calculate values.


Sneaky photography on the way to a weekend offsite showed us that as we suspected, neither Christine nor Charity are morning people:

sleepy founders

When they got back, we had a pretty busy month, shipping:

We also hosted our first meetup, on July 12th. We’re now listing them on our Meetup page so sign up now if you haven’t already!



This year roll-up would not be complete without an homage to our office dog, Ducky. Ducky is Christine’s pupper, although some would dispute that they are necessarily separate beings:

ducky in christine

Ducky is not a fan of costumes, but is patient with us:

ducky in costumes

(Hints to the Halloween ahead: BatDuck!)

Between bouts of Ducky-pettings, we shipped our AWS ELB integration, and had our first real outage shortly thereafter, although these things were not related :).


A new Honeycomber we didn’t get to introduce to you was taken from us in early September. Alongside the sadness at our loss we are grateful for the reminder to spend time doing what matters and telling our friends and family we love them.

We did our best not to let the SF heatwave slow us down and to enjoy the fruits of our labors:

Peter poured a whisky and closed a deal

and shipped our glorious heatmap visualization:

a heatmap that looks like the Eye of Sauron


We had the pleasure of this excellent testimonial from our pals at Nylas, and published our first case study about the cool stuff Intercom is doing with Honeycomb!

But what you’re really here for is the Halloween pics, right? Well, in addition to BatDuck, we had some Bears:

bear costumes

a glorious Logrus:

emily dressed up as a walrus/logrus

and as promised, the most excellent Hela (as committed to back in April!) by Christine:

christine as hela


It’s traditional to give thanks in November, and we celebrated our own Impavid Factotum and general office manager Doña by bringing in a big pile of baked goods in gratefulness of her general awesomeness–we’re pretty sure no other startup gets this kind of love. What we’d do without her is not to be contemplated.

baked goods for dona

Charity gave us the gift of observability clue with one of our most popular blog posts to date–if you haven’t checked out “Best Practices for Observability”, you owe it to yourself, because when Charity says something…

ben has a lot of notifications because charity mentioned him on twitter


We put some more observability gifts under your tree in December, shipping:

To round out our holiday offering, Nathan got into the holiday spirit and graphed the 12 days of Christmas in Honeycomb for you!

the 12 days of christmas in a honeycomb graph

Aaaaand here we are back around the sun, ready for a new year. Thanks for joining us on the ride! We look forward to delivering even greater observability to you in the year to come. If you’re new to Honeycomb, sign up for a free trial and bee with us as well! 🙂