Keep Sharing the Love with New Boards Features in Honeycomb


Those of you who have been using Honeycomb are probably already adding things to Boards, a great way to save queries and results to look at again later and/or share with your teammates. We’re happy to announce that we’ve made some improvements–now you can:

Make Boards private

Making a Board private means only you can see it unless you invite Collaborators.

The Board will display a lock next to its name, and is only visible to you and any Collaborators you invited.

settings screenshot for Boards

Add Collaborators

You can add one or all of your teammates as Collaborators to any Board, private or not.

You can add teammates individually, or all at once with single click.

Collaborators can add or remove queries and edit the name and description of your private Board. This means you can hand off an ongoing outage or incident to the next person oncall and they can take it from there, while you head off to a well-earned nap :).

Stitch takes a nap gif

Create a new Board or private Board from the Query page

Make an interesting graph, or a query you want to save for later? Now you can save it to a new or existing Board right from the Query page.

adding a Board from the Query page

adding a private Board from the Query page

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