New Capacity Management and Dataset Allocation Overview

New Capacity Management and Dataset Allocation Overview


At last, the days of having to contact us to get a Dataset rebalanced are over–you can now see and manage the entirety of your Honeycomb data across all Datasets you own!

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From the Team Settings page, Team Owners have access to the Usage page, which shows your overall data size, and how it’s allocated among your Datasets:

overview of data usage

Below the overview, you can see your per-Dataset allocation–how your data is spread amongst your Team’s Datasets, how recently new data was sent to Honeycomb for a given Dataset, retention for each Dataset, the current size of your Fast Query Window (FQW) and other useful information:

per-Dataset allocation information

Click on a column name to sort by that column. Then, click Manage next to a Dataset to see the provisioning sliders to rebalance/re-allocate the Fast Query Window size vs Secondary Storage for that Dataset.

We’re happy to be able to put more visibility and control into the hands of our users, keep checking back to see what we do next–and give Honeycomb a try for free for 30 days!