Nylas Makes Their API buzz with Honeycomb


At Honeycomb, we <3 Nylas, so we were super pleased to come across this short talk by Evan Morikawa (aka @e0m on Twitter):

link to video

Evan does a great job of explaining the goals Nylas set for speeding up their API, and breaks the process they went through down into easy-to-understand steps, including a quick demo of our shiny new heatmap feature (which they got a little early, because we love them 😀 😀 :D)

And we’re of course super pleased to hear that Nylas loves us right back!

doggos are pals.gif

Evan goes on to talk about another cool approach to gaining observability into distributed production systems: building tools to profile services as they run, and shows some glorious flame graphs:

glorious flame graph

Ending with a beautiful, “Yosemite-like drop-off” in API roundtrip time, and the ever-important call to instrument your code so you can gain observability into what it is doing.

Thanks for sharing this part of the Nylas journey with us, Evan!

Here’s a direct link to the video: