Explore RubyGems data with Honeycomb

Our new public dataset is now available — use it to analyze global download traffic of all gems hosted on RubyGems! About is the Ruby community’s gem hosting service. Gem creators…

Postmortem: RDS Clogs & Cache-Refresh Crash Loops

On Thursday, October 4, we experienced a partial API outage from 21:02-21:56 UTC (14:02-14:56 PDT). Despite some remediation work, we saw a similar (though less serious) incident again on Thursday October 11 from 15:00-16:02 UTC (8:00-9:02PDT). To implement a more permanent fix, we scheduled an emergency maintenance window which completely interrupted service on Friday Oct 12 for approximately two minutes, from 4:38-4:40 UTC (Thursday Oct 11, 21:38-21:40 PDT).

The Honeycomb Beeline for Go v2 is…Go!

We’ve seen folks do amazing things using our Honeycomb Beelines–getting their apps instrumented in next-to-no time, expanding their observability, growing their understanding of what is happening in their code in production. Now, prepare to…