Happy o11ydays contest: you share, we donate


‘Tis the season for sharing. At Honeycomb, we believe that observability is a team sport. Learning from one another makes us more curious, sharpens our skills, and makes the team greater than the sum of its parts. In this holiday spirit, we invite you to celebrate the o11ydays!

Once you really click with observability, it’s hard to imagine developing or running production software any other way. You’ve told us how much observability demystifies production behavior—if only you’d had it from the beginning. Since hindsight in 2020, this o11yday season, we’re inviting you to pay it forward.

Share the lessons you’ve learned with the community and Honeycomb will donate to charitable causes.

How it works

Starting today, we will post one prompt on Twitter each day this week. Reply to that tweet with your answer and you will be entered to win fabulous prizes from Apple, HelloFresh, or

Your entries will also drive our charitable donations. To say thanks, Honeycomb will spread a minimum of $1000 in donations across the following organizations:

There will be five total questions asking you to share things you’ve learned with observability. The more responses we get the more we’ll give away. Share your stories and help us pay it forward!

To enter the contest:

  • Follow along on Twitter
  • Submit your answer to each day’s prompt
  • Use the hashtag #o11ydays in your tweet

Start participating now

Reply to this tweet:

The more people participate, the more we’ll give away. We’ve never tried anything like this before–everything is an experiment. We’re hoping it’ll inspire more folks to share what they’ve learned and to pay their lessons forward. In turn, we’ll keep paying it forward, too.

Help us start a new o11day tradition! We can’t wait to hear all your stories.

Happy #o11ydays, everyone!