Share a Bit More Easily: Public Permalinks on Honeycomb


Knowledge sharing and collaboration (over data, queries, and debugging expertise of all stripes) are near and dear to our hearts—and we’re happy to announce one more small step towards improving this experience!

Until recently, it was possible but annoying to show off an awesome Honeycomb graph: grab the permalink for the graph from the URL bar and paste it anywhere! … But the viewer still had to have a Honeycomb account to view or interact with the data.

shot of the location bar, highlighted

You can now choose to turn on Public Permalinks for your dataset (go to the dataset’s Settings, accessible via the top nav), so that a given query result is viewable by the anyone holding the URL. The query itself won’t be editable, and query history will be omitted from the UI, but the visitor will be able to take a look at the graph and enter Data Mode.

screenshot of a public graph

And, as many have requested, public permalinks unfurl nicely in Slack:

Example Slack unfurl

No inline graphs yet, but we hear you and they’re on our list! 🙂

Give it a shot today (find the “Public Permalinks” checkbox under your dataset’s Settings page), and let us know what you think!