Significant CPU Usage Improvements in New Version of


We’ve published version 1.2.0 of libhoney-py, which now batches events. Based on our internal testing, this results in 8-10x more efficiency, so you probably want to give this a try if you’re sending us Python events.

We’re extra-grateful to our pals at Nylas for inspiring us to prioritize this improvement by showing us (with their glorious flame graphs) exactly what we were subjecting them to. Before they started using the new version:

spiky cpu flame graph

And after, confirming our 10x improvement estimate:

10x lower cpu usage flame graph

You can find the docs, API reference, and source code for here:


API reference:

Source code:

Special thanks to Russell Cohen and Karim Hamidou from Nylas for being such great advocates and sharing their experience with us!

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