The Very Long And Exhaustive Guide To Getting Events Into Honeycomb No Matter How Big Or Small, In Any Language Or From Any Log File

How do you get events in to Honeycomb? This gets confusing for lots of people. Especially when you look at all the gobs of documentation and don’t know where to start. But all you need are these three easy steps:

  1. Form JSON blob. Go nuts! Smush as many keys and values as you want into one fat request. This is your “event”.
  2. Send blob to Honeycomb API. curl will do fine, or use one of our handy SDKs, or honeytail your logfiles in.
  3. Profit. Remember, if you don’t charge for your business you aren’t a sustainable enterprise. Okay, that’s just general good advice.

That’s it. All the fancy docs, the libraries, all the code we’ve written for tailers and parsers and forking inputs? Just helper functions. They help with all that string parsing of logs and polling of applications that aren’t friendly to instrumentation, like databases. For your own code, it’s much easier to skip the logfile step and just ship events from your application.

It really is that simple. Structure, ship … profit. Give us a try!