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The power of asking questions

This is a guest post by Vlad Ionescu. Vlad Ionescu jokingly describes himself as a "Professional mistake avoider" which is a better way of saying...

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Honeycomb Terraform Provider Now Officially Supported by Honeycomb

Previously announced as a community-led project, the Terraform provider for Honeycomb is now officially maintained by Honeycomb in partnership with Hashicorp. We recognize how valuable...

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Announcing Honeycomb support for event ingestion with OTLP

Today, AWS announced enhancements for AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry. We’re working with AWS to build in additional support from partners. In tandem with that launch,...

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Mix & Match! Tracing Header Interoperability Between OpenTelemetry and Beelines

We’ve released support for tracing header interoperability in all of our Beelines. This means you can now mix and match distributed services instrumented with Beelines...

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Announcing Honeycomb’s extension for the AWS Lambda Runtime Logs API

The AWS Lambda Runtime Logs API is a new way to easily send logs from AWS Lambda functions directly to your destination of choice. Using...

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Interview with Honeycomb Engineer Chris Toshok: Dogfooding OpenTelemetry

We often get questions about the difference between using our Beeline SDKs compared with other integrations, especially OpenTelemetry (abbreviated "OTel"). That’s why the team decided...

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Get on the Right Track with Our Rails Integration!

Whether you’re starting a new Rails project and want to build observability in from the start, or you’re investing in better observability for your existing...

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From 0 to Insight with Honeycomb OpenTelemetry

Honeycomb allows you to send in data from a variety of sources. The steps to get there are a choose-your-own-adventure path and the choices to...

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All Aboard! Set Your Team Up for Honeycomb Success

Thank you so much to all who attended Raw & Real Ep. 5 "All Aboard! Bring Your Team Together," and to any who take the...

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Updates to the Java Beeline: Sweeter Than Ever Before

We’ve released some improvements to our Java Beeline library! Allow me to share all the interesting new features. Hot topics: Spring Boot Sleuth Starter, JDBC...

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Instrument Your Java App In Minutes with the Honeycomb Beeline for Java

We are excited to announce automatic instrumentation for your Java apps through our new Honeycomb Beeline for Java! This new Beeline streamlines instrumentation of HTTP...

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Honeycomb and Rookout: An Integration That Finds the Dots to Connect

This guest blog post is by Or Weis, Co-Founder and CEO of Rookout, the Rapid Debugging Company. He’s a low-level engineer and a CybSec Expert. You...

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Our Experience: Thundra Integration for Honeycomb

This is a guest post from Salih Kardan, Software Engineer @Thundra and Committer at Apache, formerly SRE @Opsgenie. He specializes in managing AWS services and...

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Explore RubyGems data with Honeycomb

Our new public dataset is now available — use it to analyze global download traffic of all gems hosted on RubyGems! About

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Announcing Honeycomb's Java SDK

Now Java developers can leverage Honeycomb to gain insight into the behavior of their apps and services by using an SDK similar to the ones...

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