Not Everything Is Tech Debt, There are two stories here, and one is about risk

Yes, I Test in Production (And So Do You)

Charity Majors talks at QCon San Francisco about testing in production, the tools and principles of canarying software and gaining confidence in a build, and also about the missing link that makes all these…

Honeycomb CEO Charity Majors on Sharing Customer Pain

In a post sponsored by Semaphore, Wojtek Cichoń writes about his interview with Honeycomb’s Charity Majors.  His article, “Honeycomb CEO Charity Majors on Sharing Customer Pain,” shares their discussion about the significance of developers…

Intro to Observability-Driven Development

Christine and Aneel explain how observability needs to start in dev. “Everything is getting more complicated these days.” Don’t miss the sequel, Instrumenting Observability: Getting Started and Pro Tips.