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Product Updates  

Honeycomb Meets Slack: a Love Story

Like many of you, we at Honeycomb spend lots of time in Slack. And like many of you, we find that debugging is not a...

Product Updates  

Save Useful Queries with Honeycomb Playlists

Update: this feature is now called Boards but functions the same way–check out “Sharing Honeycomb queries is even better with Boards” for the details Here...

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Tell me more, nginx

When the cool kids talk about interesting log data, no one seems to want to talk about nginx. Web servers are the workhorses of the...

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Honeycomb Triggers - Alert on your Data

We’re happy to announce the launch of Honeycomb Triggers—a method to get notifications when the data you send in to Honeycomb crosses configured thresholds. We’d...

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Enriching Nginx Logs with request_time, Server Data, and Other Goodies

How can you make your nginx logs more awesome? Nginx has some fantastic data hiding in its log_format spec, but oddly enough, most of it...

Connectors & Integrations   Product Updates  

Honeycomb's Open Source Connectors

We’re happy to announce 3 open sourced components to help you get your data into Honeycomb - 2 libraries and a log tailing utility. We...

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