It’s really awesome how this solves the “it’s hard to predict how many GB I’ll send”,

“It’s hard to find out what’s sending too much”, “It’s hard to predict how much retention I’ll get”, problems in one fell swoop!

Matt Button

Engineering Team Lead, Geckoboard

These new plans look great. It makes so much sense.

Storage is cheap and network/compute is expensive. Counting events vs GB, you want users to stuff all the data into their events so they can get the most out of it.

Julian Simioni

Co-Founder, Geocode Earth

The best thing about the simplified pricing is that it reduces the number of volume metrics we had to think about from two (GB ingest per month and GB storage) to one measure (events per month).

Spencer Wilson

Senior Software Engineer, Optimizely

Thank you for the new pricing changes. This makes it easier to explain to people.

Martin Thwaites

Independent Software Consultant