Building with Observability- Honeycomb & CircleCI

CircleCI and Honeycomb present:

Building with Observability:
Using CircleCI and Honeycomb to achieve production excellence

Featured Speakers

Pierre Tessier, Solutions Architect, Honeycomb

Ryan Pedersen, Solutions Engineer, CircleCI

Do you know exactly what your builds are doing at every step of the way to prod and after they’ve been deployed? A key part of what lets you ship code to production often and quickly is having observability in your builds. Together, CircleCI and Honeycomb can help you get both speed and quality when shipping code to production.

In this webinar, we’ll not only examine how CircleCI and Honeycomb work well together, we’ll also look at how Honeycomb used both products together to identify changes that impacted their build times and reduced them by 25%. Successful CI/CD asks demanding questions and with observability, you can answer them!

Attendees will learn:

  • How to watch their build pipelines with traces in Honeycomb to identify performance optimizations
  • How to improve build times with CircleCI orbs
  • How to integrate Honeycomb and CircleCI

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