Product Video

APM Demo: Observability Has Never Been So Clear



Nathan LeClaire [Sales Engineer|Honeycomb]:

Welcome to Honeycomb, a tool for observing production in high resolution. Honeycomb can help your team guess less and reclaim precious engineering time. Let’s walk through what it’s like to see what your production apps are really up to using Honeycomb. On our homepage, we’re greeted with golden signals that help us get a feel for how our apps are performing. We can see how many requests have been made, how fast they were, and how many errors happened. We can even segment by service to see this for each service. And hey, that’s odd, we can see a small spike up in errors in this time interval. It’s associated with an increase in latency as well. Let’s use Honeycomb’s Bubble Up feature to find out why.

Using Bubble Up, we can select a region of the graph that we want to know more about and Honeycomb will identify the most likely places to look next. For instance, you can see that this endpoint is the one that’s acting up. We can build on these rapid-fire insights to construct additional queries and dive deeper into Honeycomb’s blazing-fast data engine. Whoa! Looks like one user is hitting the API a bunch of times and messing things up for everyone. We rapidly found out the “what” of this problem, but why are those requests slow? If we click on the Traces tab here, Honeycomb will automatically pull up the traces associated with any query we would build over our data. 

First, we called a few services that were turning very quickly, but then we made a very slow API call. We can see that we were calling the database over and over in an anti-pattern and we can also see the exact details of which queries were being run. We can look over on the right to see how this span compares unfavorably with others of the same type. Honeycomb provides all this and more for a rich single-player experience, but we don’t stop there. Over on the left, you can see that team history is enabled, allowing anyone to learn from what I’ve been up to in this troubleshooting session. Clicking through on any one of those will take me to a search where I can comb through previous results, to level up by Honeycomb, or learn from other people using the app. That’s all for our demonstration today. I look forward to seeing you progress as a Honeycomb customer. Give us a call and learn how you can guess less by observing production systems in high-res.

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