Get deeper diagnostics

Honeycomb Tracing shows the time and resources taken to service any request, making it easy to diagnose bottlenecks, optimize performance, and understand how your system processes requests.

Go back and forth from the full context of events to the deep diagnostics of traces—so you know exactly where to look.


animation of building a trace waterfall diagram

OpenTracing and Zipkin compatible

Honeycomb Tracing supports OpenTracing, with a proxy that’s a drop-in replacement for Zipkin.

You can start using Honeycomb for tracing immediately, without disrupting your Zipkin use.

Get a jumpstart on tracing with Honeycomb Beelines

Honeycomb Beelines automatically instrument your code, including adding traces for requests.

You can also create traces using Honeycomb SDKs by adding tracing-specific fields to your events.

Access to traces and trace diagrams is included with the Honeycomb service at no additional cost.