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Lex Neva

Staff Site Reliability Engineer

Lex is interested in making sociotechnical systems as reliable as they can possibly be (and no more). From reliable technical designs, to policy and process troubleshooting, to incident response, prevention, and analysis, this can take many forms, and Lex wants to dig into all of them. He is the curator of SRE Weekly, a newsletter about all of the above and more.

Incident Response  

Should Every Incident Get a Retro?

At a recent training session, Jeli spent a great deal of time covering incident retrospectives and what makes an incident worthy of studying. My colleague...

Software Engineering   Culture  

The Incident Retrospective Ground Rules

I joined Honeycomb as a Staff Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) midway through September, and it’s been a wild ride so far. One thing I was...