Observability for All Engineers

“No more fumbling in the dark.
We can’t do our jobs without Honeycomb”

Ray Slakinski, ecobee (another happy Honeycomb user)

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Observability for All Engineers

“Honeycomb shows me what’s relevant
immediately. Ridiculously powerful.”

Matt Button, Geckoboard (another happy Honeycomb user)

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Observability for All Engineers

“Older problems took days or weeks – we
solved them in moments with Honeycomb.”

Grace, SEDNA (another happy Honeycomb user)

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Observability for All Engineers

“Less guessing, more knowing.
That’s Honeycomb.”

Mike Atkins, LaunchDarkly (another happy Honeycomb user)

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Eliminate Engineering Toil & Delight your Users

Start your observability journey today.

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Tame Alerts. Focus on What Matters.

Service Level Objectives (SLOs) tell you how production is doing, based on what customers really care about. You decide.

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Observe, Debug, Improve

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  • Ongoing Development

    Everyone can’t be an expert on all services. Instrument and create better telemetry for your future-self and all team-members.

  • Performance Optimization

    Discover in real-time where latencies are occurring. Built-in tracing helps to precisely pinpoint the problem.

  • Rapid Incident Response

    Locate problems across complex, distributed systems. Validate and assess severity and impact.

  • Pain-free Releases

    Speed up your release cycle from weeks to minutes, continuously improve, and progressively deploy.


Spot Outliers Amazingly Fast

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Customer Love

Observability Superpowers

See What's Really Happening in Production

Ask Any Question

There’s a production issue and you need to resolve it quickly before it impacts all users. Start with query history, get context and start asking new questions.

Tracing In Your Workflow

Toggle back and forth between a trace view and other system views such as heatmaps and histograms. Spot where latency is happening as a request spans multiple services.

Know Your Outliers

Where in your code does a problem lie? BubbleUp heatmaps tell you the anomalies from the baseline and even more, what’s causing those anomalies.

Level-Up Your Team

Curate and share query history to help with on-call. Elevate the entire team’s understanding with fast access to curated dashboards. Everyone learns and improves.

"The ability to visualize and explore events in realtime transforms the way your team thinks about operations and systems design."

Observability Practice & Learn


The Open Source Observability Landscape

This guide takes a closer look at popular open-source approaches for storing and accessing app telemetry. We dive into Prometheus, ELK, and Jaeger, what they bring to the table, and how they work in tandem with Honeycomb.

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Customer Story

SEDNA Reduces Reliance on Internal Team Knowledge with Honeycomb

SEDNA's team wanted to consolidate and bring consistency to their monitoring and alerting. Incident response relied too much on team-member's knowledge. Consolidating experience inside Honeycomb was the result SEDNA needed.

SEDNA Case Study


Honeycomb Event-Based Pricing

Simple, events-based pricing makes it easy to pile on all the rich data you want to gather - no additional charge! Go straight to using the Free plan or do a POC with our team to understand the power of observability. It's never been easier to get started.

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