Observability for Production Systems

Debug using Events, Traces, and Logs in one Tool.
Instrument code automatically, surface outliers instantly.


Support Your Customers More Effectively with Honeycomb

Customer success can be a serious differentiator and competitive advantage for companies today. Everyone wants to ship quality products to their customers faster, and the rise of subscription-based pricing and SaaS applications in the…

BubbleUp Meets Tracing (and Other Odd-shaped Data)

A few weeks ago, BubbleUp came out of Beta. We’ve been getting fantastic user feedback on how BubbleUp helps users speed through the Core Analysis Loop and lets people find things they never could…

How To Learn Systems Debugging by People-watching

When I first joined this startup that makes an observability platform, I was a front-end Javascript developer who had never ssh’ed into production–I didn’t even know what tracing or monitoring or metrics were, let…

See Honeycomb in Action

Honeycomb is an event-driven observability platform for debugging systems, application code, and databases. Honeycomb ingests structured data and performs read-time query aggregation to support speedy analytics over ultra-rich datasets without indexes or schemas to maintain, and a fast, interactive interface.


Christine Spang

CTO at Nylas

"I've spent my fair share of time drowning in metrics, dashboards & logs, and Honeycomb’s vision is like a glass of cold water in the desert."

Joe Beda

Founder and CTO, Heptio

"After spending 10 years at Google I thought I had a good handle on the different techniques to monitor what is going on with services. But Honeycomb changes the game by supporting fast exploration over high cardinality data. It has super powers over traditional monitoring."

Michael Hood

Engineer, Optimizely

"The ability to visualize and explore events in realtime transforms the way your team thinks about operations and systems design."