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Observe What's Going On

Stay proactive and get ahead of potential problems. The entire team gains visibility and stays confident because they can access granular data from logs to events and traces. DevOps and SRE teams quickly diagnose and resolve the toughest issues and stay focused on delivering an optimal customer experience.

Next-Gen APM Empowers Production Excellence

Fast, Interactive Query

You know there's an issue with production and you need to resolve it fast. Start with query history to gain context, then run new queries to quickly introspect current system data.


Trace Service Requests

Switch to the right visualization in context and understand all service behavior. View trace spans to spot errors and latency, native or third party.

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Know Your Outliers

Where in your code does the problem lie? Navigate quickly using heatmaps that BubbleUp outliers compared to baseline and drill down to the raw event.

What's BubbleUp?

Everyone Learns

Curate and share query history with team members on-call. Elevate the entire team's understanding with fast access to analysis and everyone becomes more efficient.


Continuous Proactive Debugging Meets SLOs

Rapid Incident Response

Validate it's actually happening, how severe and how many customers or users it impacts. Diagnose the problem fast and locate it in the code.

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Performance Degradation

System running slow: which part and which specific service? Discover in real-time where latencies are occurring and use tracing views to pinpoint the problem.

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Ongoing Development

As you continuously ship new releases, work with engineering to deploy markers so you manage around release date. Understand adoption and usage and share with product teams.

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Customer Love

“It took 5 minutes for my engineers to convince me that Honeycomb solved the problems that our previous APM could not and I’m not easy to convince.”

David Laperle

Technical Producer, Backend Services, BHVR

“Honeycomb has really opened our eyes to how our system behaves, how we can make it more efficient.”

Mike Wagg

Technical Director, carwow

"The ability to visualize and explore events in realtime transforms the way your team thinks about operations and systems design."

Michael Hood

Engineer, Optimizely


This Must Be The Trace

Want to know what tracing is, what it's for, and how to get the power that it offers to debug and explore your code in production?
Learn about tracing history and how to add traces to your instrumentation.

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De-stress Debugging -Triggers, Feature Flags & Fast Query

When dev is about to ship a new release, set a feature flag to watch how production behaves. Curtail performance issues and reduce customer impact with the right tools to really understand production.

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Support Your Customers More Effectively

Customer support can use Honeycomb to provide quality information quickly — to both the customer and the dev team. The more support can observe what's happening, the faster they can pinpoint the problem.

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