We help engineering teams deeply understand their own production systems through observability

Our mission

Give all software engineering teams the observability they need to eliminate toil and delight their users.

Honeycomb was founded by a software engineer (a “dev”) and an infrastructure engineer (an “ops”). We were determined to build a world of software ownership, and saw observability as the shared understanding necessary to get there. What began as a sociotechnical problem has evolved into a sociotechnical solution, in which tool choice is simply the catalyst for improved processes and culture on engineering teams.

Our values

Our values are the “how” in how we work with our colleagues, engage with our community, and build observability software.

Fast and close to right is better than perfect

Take pride in your craft and ship relentlessly. Be like our storage engine: 99% right in milliseconds is better than 100% right in an hour. Code in production is worth two in canary.

We hire adults

Pay attention to your mind and body so you can give and get help. All of us wobble, and being transparent about that means we can support each other. Participate fully in collaboration, coaching and management. If any group of us were together in a car on a long road trip, there would be no need for a dividing line in the back seat to keep people from hitting each other.

Everything is an experiment

Don’t get attached to specific outcomes, as they can prevent you from moving forward. Construct your experiments with purpose, evaluate them with honesty, share your results, and iterate. Failure is a constant, it’s what we learn that matters.

Feedback is a gift

Give feedback freely, give gently, give timely, but give. Listen first, listen intently, celebrate each other’s growth. We are a high-trust and high-transparency team, and this requires us all to dig deep. Discomfort is temporary. We polish each other like diamonds.

Act with autonomy and ownership

Come curious. Focus on impact over output. Be generous with your ideas and use your judgment. Optimize for our collective success, not individual glory. Kill your darlings. Be bold, shake it up, don’t assume the way things are was on purpose. Do it with style.

Our customers

Our customers know that observability is key to delivering software both quickly and reliably. Engineering teams become high-performing teams when armed with Honeycomb observability software.

Our people

We think equally about building Honeycomb the product, the business, and the company. We’re committed to building a software engineering company of which our people are proud to have been a part.

Meet The Team

Our opportunity

Observability is the future—and it’s up to us to take the lead and shape that future through observability software engineering. We believe in questioning the status quo and charting our own path. Perhaps you do, too.

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We’re honored to be backed by investors who believe we’re the future of observability.

As well as Mike Krieger, Ilya Sukhar, Anamitra Banerji, Venkat Venkataramani, and a number of other angels.

Catch us at these upcoming events



Getting More Out of OpenTelemetry Faster with Honeycomb’s Latest Updates

Using OpenTelemetry (OTel) and Honeycomb together gives you unique advantages. Join Principal Product Manager, Phillip Carter, for a look at Honeycomb’s investments in improving your experience of using OTel & Honeycomb together.

solo webinar
solo webinar



Discover Unknown Service Interaction Patterns With Istio & Honeycomb

In this session, we will enable distributed tracing telemetry from Istio to be emitted into an OpenTelemetry collector. This architecture allows for the telemetry to be consumed by any OpenTelemetry compatible backend.

Baton Rogue, LA


DevFest Baton Rouge

Join Honeycomb's Emily Ashley as she speaks on Observability 101: Basics of Using Telemetry to Learn About Your Software Systems. She'll go over using OTel to instrument a small cluster of example microservices and send that telemetry to Honeycomb.io.