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Announcing Secondary Storage and the Fast Query Window

By Rachel Perkins  |   Last modified on June 14, 2023

We tried pretty hard to resist making this joke, but:

Now you can keep your hot data hot and your cool data cool!

McDLT sandwich gif

(How many of you are old enough to remember that commercial? :) )

But in all seriousness, this is way better than a burger. Now, you can have the blazing-fast query performance you’re accustomed to for your most recent, most critical events while still being able to query across a longer-term archive of your data.

But wait! There’s more! (insert groan here)

We’re also opening up the beta for our new Secure Tenancy product to all our users–now you can have your Honeycomb and your compliance too! Sign up to try it out here.


  • THANKS to all the users who beta-ed what we originally called “Cold Storage” and helped us work out the kinks, and continue to help us work out the kinks, so we can provide the best experience possible
  • THANKS to new customers Tapjoy, CarGurus, Optimizely for lending their names to our announcement!

The official news below:

Honeycomb Launches Customizable Query Windows, Long Term Event Retention, and Public Beta of Data Compliance Product

New features put performance and cost in the hands of customers and provide a solution enabling regulatory compliance without giving up the benefits of SaaS.

San Francisco, CA — February 28, 2018 — Honeycomb, the leading observability provider for software engineers, announces general availability of new features designed to put performance, cost, and retention directly in the hands of customers.

Until now, the “industry standard” experience for users of SaaS metrics, monitoring, logging, and observability products has been a tradeoff between the amount of data/length of retention and query performance against that data. The experience is generally unpredictable and idiosyncratic to each product–offering limited-to-no controls for customers to choose the tradeoffs best for them and their use cases and offering limited-to-no price differentiation.

With today’s announcement, Honeycomb is turning this dynamic on its head.

Customers have always been able to partition their event streams in Honeycomb into datasets for each use case. Now they can:

  • Decide where to draw the line between faster and slower querying by choosing a Fast Query Window on a dataset by dataset basis
  • Decide how long events should be retained by choosing how much Secondary Storage to allocate on a dataset by dataset basis
  • Pay less for for event storage and querying outside the Fast Query Window

This gives Honeycomb customers total control over query performance, retention periods, and cost.

“Users have always loved the fast, interactive experience we provide for live-debugging production systems, but they also wanted the security of being able to grow data archives. You can’t typically have fast, big, and cheap. But with this release, customers can age data to Secondary Storage and query it forever, if they like.” – Charity Majors, CEO and Co-Founder, Honeycomb.

Secure Tenancy feature now in Public Beta

In addition, Honeycomb is releasing a novel solution in beta to leveraging SaaS for data subject to various compliance regimes. With Honeycomb’s Secure Tenancy product, customers can:

  • Encrypt all event data before sending to Honeycomb, while maintaining total control over keys, OR
  • Keep event data completely on premise, while still using Honeycomb’s SaaS observability platform for querying and analysis

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