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Honeycomb Takes Home the Gold in the 2021 DevOps Dozen² Awards

By Harrison Calato  |   Last modified on May 26, 2022

Honeycomb has been named the Best Observability Solution for 2021 by TechStrong Group, proving the increasing need for observability-based tooling in modern application stacks.

San Francisco, Calif., January 31, 2022 – Honeycomb, the leading observability platform used by high-performance engineering teams to quickly visualize, analyze, and improve cloud application quality and performance, today announced that it was named Best Observability Solution in the 2021 DevOps Dozen² Awards. This award recognizes the best observability solution to understand the performance of individual components and systems. 

The news was released at TechStrong Group’s Predict 2022 conference. Host Alan Shimel shared that it was a record year for overall community-based voting participation, with over 5,000 votes submitted across all categories.

“We are thrilled to be named the DevOps Dozen² award winner for Best Observability Solution by Techstrong Group,” said Christine Yen, Honeycomb CEO. “We are extremely grateful to our customers, partners, and community members who voted for Honeycomb. We believe this is a testament to the power of observability through Honeycomb and the immense impact we have on engineering teams who are leading the next generation of software practices. ” 

More industry awards like DevOps Dozen² are recognizing observability as its own category and one that is succeeding traditional APM monitoring tools, which were designed for simpler times when storage was limited, compute was slow, and distributed microservices did not yet exist. Traditional APM tools can deliver some analysis via logs, metrics, traces—but these siloed datatypes only show one small piece of a much larger and more complex puzzle. 

Unlike APM tools, observability provides exploratory tooling and enables engineering teams to slice and dice billions of rows of data, preserving a high level of data fidelity that makes the unpredictable quickly understandable, leading to improved uptime, higher-quality and faster user experiences, more engineering time spent on innovation, and better business outcomes. Honeycomb’s purpose-built datastore and query engine make it possible for high-performance engineering teams to investigate user experience and quickly hone in on problems, providing observability into all corners of production.

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About Honeycomb

Honeycomb provides observability for high-performance engineering teams so they can quickly understand what their code does in the hands of real users in unpredictable and highly complex cloud environments. Honeycomb customers stop wasting precious time on engineering mysteries because they can quickly solve them and know exactly how to create fast, reliable, and great customer experiences. HelloFresh, Stripe, Slack, Heroku, CircleCI, LaunchDarkly, and many more rely on Honeycomb for fast incident response, performance optimization, and to safely accelerate release cycles. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter.


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