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How To Make Your Customers Happy, with Eaze

By Rachel Perkins  |   Last modified on December 17, 2019

"Success is a catastrophe that you have to survive." -- CJ Silverio

A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of hosting CJ Silverio, Principal Engineer, and Ben Gardella, Manger of Infrastructure from Eaze for a clue- and cackling-filled webcast interview.

Despite the very "serious business" looks on our faces on the webpage ;), this in-depth discussion was full of laughter (wry and otherwise) and relatable details. For example, you can follow along with Ben during his first days at Eaze, as he discovers a kind of party no one really wants to attend:

screenshot of webcast with ben talking about "deploy party"

and what it takes for CJ's inner Malcolm Tucker (yes, Peter Capaldi was in stuff before he was in Dr. Who ;)) to come out:

CJ talks about Malcolm Tucker's potty mouth

It's a classic story of "catastrophic success" -- a service built to handle the load of delivering to patients with prescriptions for marijuana suddenly having to scale to address the massive influx of customers when California legalized recreational marijuana sales.

"It turns out that people like legal marijuana delivery just as much as they like legal pizza delivery." -- CJ

Shocking, right?

From there, you'll hear about their experiences--the pain of outages at critical times for the marijuana industry, straight talk with their partners and customers, bringing Honeycomb into the picture, and making a difficult but necessary decision to replatform while maintaining their existing service in place--which would not have been possible with Honeycomb.


Find out how they did it--watch the webcast on demand!

eaze + honeycomb logo


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