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Introducing PrivateLink Support for Enterprise

By Matt Ransford  |   Last modified on October 12, 2022

Network topology can get very complicated in the cloud, especially when you’re sending data to external SaaS providers. You will likely need to configure gateways and firewalls and keep close tabs on those points of egress. However, if your infrastructure exists within AWS, there’s a much simpler way and that’s through an AWS PrivateLink endpoint.

AWS PrivateLink Support for Honeycomb Enterprise Customers

We’ve made sending your telemetry data to Honeycomb even easier with the launch of our own AWS PrivateLink endpoint, available now to our enterprise customers. PrivateLink allows you to keep all that telemetry data within the confines of the AWS network, without it ever traversing the open Internet. It’s one fewer attack vector to worry about. If you use outbound egress firewalls, you no longer need to configure them to send Honeycomb data through; you’ll simply point your stream to our PrivateLink endpoint from within your VPC. You can manage it with security groups.

It has the potential to simplify your topology even further if you’re using NAT gateways for egressing your telemetry data. Taking NAT gateways out of your infrastructure can be a cost savings as well, as AWS attaches a data processing charge to all traffic flowing through them.

Additionally, if you use PrivateLink endpoints with other vendors or AWS services, you could see cost savings on the aggregate data you send. AWS bills this data transfer together and offers discounts as the amount of data you send increases. In short, there’s no additional cost to you to use an AWS PrivateLink.

If you’re an enterprise customer and are interested in configuring your VPC to send data to our PrivateLink endpoint, take a look at our docs and get in touch with your Customer Success rep to get set up today.


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