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Raising Money To Bring You More, Better Observability!

By Aneel Lakhani  |   Last modified on September 5, 2019

We’re excited to announce that we’ve closed an $11.5M Series A round with our friends at, Storm, NextWorld, and Merian! It’s been a wild ride since we launched back in April of 2017. As we continue to grow at a rapid pace, it’s time to hire way more people and get some more hands (and hearts and heads) to help build Honeycomb.


  • THANKS to all the customers that have placed their confidence in us, all the new people who have joined our team, and to everyone in the community that’s been helping us build a better Honeycomb for you!
  • THANKS to new customers Fender Musical Instruments, Axios, Travis CI for lending their names to our announcement!
  • THANKS to our investors and their teams—Tom, Jett, Tae Hea, Ben, Alexsis, Rachel–for being as excited about this as we are!

As Christine says, “Observability is as essential for developers as for operators when it comes to understanding what’s happening with our code. It’s all about answering questions about your system using data—and during the development process we’ve got lots of questions that aren’t necessarily problems or anomalies: the questions are about what ‘normal’ is, which customer or cohorts are experiencing something specific.”

That’s why we’re here—to empower you to see what your code is doing, when it’s doing it, from development through production and back.

Honeycomb Raises $11.5 Million Series A to Make Observability Part of Every Software Engineering Lifecycle and Storm Ventures Lead Financing and Join Board

San Francisco, CA — Jan 31, 2018 — Honeycomb, the leading observability provider for software engineers, announces an $11.5 million Series A financing led by with participation from existing investor Storm Ventures and new investors NextWorld Capital and Merian Ventures. This round brings the company’s total funding to $15.5 million.

“Honeycomb uniquely addresses a major pain-point for anyone debugging and trying to understand distributed systems, providing BI-like experience for software engineers. We’re excited to support the Honeycomb team and technology through their next stage of growth.” – Thomas Gieselmann, General Partner at

Honeycomb is founded on the experience of building and operating a platform hosting millions of apps serving tens of millions of users. The product enables engineers to easily create and analyze data about the behavior of their own software, so they can instantly go from visualizing aggregate trends to pinpointing the exact shopping cart stalling on a transaction, or query starving a system, or user experiencing or causing a problem.

“We are amazed by the love that Honeycomb’s customers have for them. It’s rare to see this kind of positive feeling for commercial developer or infrastructure tools.” – Tae Hea Nahm, Managing Director at Storm Ventures

Honeycomb intends to use the funds to significantly expand sales and marketing, as well as deepen R&D focused on making high-cardinality, event-driven observability accessible to a wider market.

“A new metrics, monitoring, or logging company enters the market every month. And yet, the pain of debugging, or even understanding, distributed systems goes unaddressed. We believe an investigative, exploratory approach is required to understand the behavior of the kinds of inherently complex systems we’re building today. Honeycomb’s mission is to provide engineers a way to build and check their intuition about the behavior of their code as it gets manipulated and worked in real life. This is what we mean when we say observability.” – Charity Majors, CEO and co-founder of Honeycomb.

Honeycomb makes the process of developing and testing hypotheses about the world of your systems accessible without any specialized knowledge other than the desire to ask a question.

“Customers tell us that Honeycomb solves problems that they believed for years were impossible, or prohibitively expensive, to solve. Because that’s what their vendors told them.” – Christine Yen, CPO and co-founder of Honeycomb.


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