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The Path from Unstructured Logs to Observability

By Rachel Perkins   |   Last modified on September 12, 2019

Are you starting out on your journey toward observability? Do you have a mandate from management, or are you a lone warrior in the matrix? From your starting point, how will you make the right decisions about how to implement changes to your logging and aim for the right path through the various choices in front of you?

screenshot from the Matrix movie

A map can help: The Path from Unstructured Logs to Observability offers concrete guidance on how to get started and where you should think about heading.

Whether you're ready to pick your first logging library or are thinking about tracing, Honeycomb is here to help you on your path to observability.

Download The Path from Unstructured Logs to Observability and make the future a better, more observable one :).







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