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Honeycomb Logger for Cloudflare Demo

In this short video, we demonstrate the Cloudflare Worker Honeycomb Logger library to highlight how easy it is to get telemetry data into Honeycomb from the Worker platform and gain visibility into what is happening with your code at the edge.


Jason Harley [Customer Architect|Honeycomb]:

Hello, I’m Jason Harley and I’m a Customer Architect at Honeycomb. I’m here to give a brief demo of the Honeycomb Logger Library for Cloudflare Workers. Honeycomb Logger is a simple library that lets you easily export runtime information from your Cloudflare Workers into the Honeycomb platform. This means ease of visibility at the edge. So I have a simple node.js function here intended to run on the worker’s platform. I’m adding some basic logging, but I’m enriching my span data with the city and region code, as detected by Cloudflare from the client, and then making a simple call out to an HTTP test service. So I am going to use Cloudflare’s Wrangler utility to publish this. This packages up the library and function and pushes it to the worker platform.

With my URL back, I’m going to make a few calls with cURL. As you can see, we’re basically just proxying the service here or returning the response received. So let’s hop into the Honeycomb UI and take a look. Grab our new data, here are our traces, and here is what we sent along. So you can see the requests coming in, in the worker, we’re making a call out with Fetch to our service. It’s taking the majority of those 2000 seconds, that… milliseconds pardon me, that I said. The fields that have been added, there is indeed the city and region code. I am filming this today in Toronto, Ontario. So this is a pretty easy library to get more visibility into your compute at the edge. Thank you for watching.