Find your most perplexing
application issues

Find your most perplexing application issues

Find your most perplexing application issues

Honeycomb is a fast analysis tool that reveals the truth about how users experience your code in complex and unpredictable environments. Within seconds, find patterns and outliers across billions of rows of data to definitively solve problems.

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How it works

Quickly sift through billions of events to see your
application’s hidden inner workings.

Send telemetry data to Honeycomb

Use OpenTelemetry (or other preferred options) to automatically send data to Honeycomb. Our unique datastore is built for fast analysis of all of your data—we never abstract or obscure it, so add all the context you want at no extra cost.

Learn how to send data to Honeycomb

Trigger alerts with Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

Our SLOs tell you when your customers are having a bad experience so that you can immediately debug why those issues are happening, all within the same interface.


Ask where performance is slow

Use our Query Builder to easily slice and dice your data to visualize behavioral patterns for individual users and services (grouped by any dimensions).

Learn more about the Query Builder

Ask what’s different about these requests

BubbleUp shows you what’s different between a subset of requests and baseline performance to surface what outliers have in common.

Learn more about BubbleUp

Discover why that issue is happening

All of the telemetry you need to debug any issue analyzed within the same interface—with no context switching required.

Learn more about Distributed Tracing

Fast, definitive

Get definitive answers, in seconds, to the most perplexing problems in your applications.

“What would take me an hour to debug before Honeycomb now takes minutes, if that.

The speed to go from differential data in a baseline to the actual area that matters, there's nothing else like it!”

Jan Niederhumer

Director of Technology

Great user

Understand the customer experience across any part of your application— for 1 user or 1M users.

“With our feature management platform serving peaks of over 20 trillion feature flags, we use Honeycomb to quickly identify—before there is customer impact—the individual accounts or traffic patterns responsible for outliers. As a result, we have more confidence in production, and our customers have more confidence in LaunchDarkly.”

Edith Harbaugh

Co-Founder and CEO

Real-world code

Honeycomb reveals the truth about how your code behaves in the real world vs. what you imagined.

“I am a huge fan of Honeycomb as it fills a gap left by my existing tools.

I look at Honeycomb graphs and go, ‘my app is doing what?!’. And then I go ahead and fix it.”

Glen Mailer

Staff Software Engineer

Build high-
engineering teams

Teach your entire team how to find answers fast, firefight less, safely take risks, and spend more time innovating.

“Honeycomb moved us in a direction of better and happier engineering outcomes.”

Josh Parsons

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Built for modern developers
and architectures

Stop wasting precious engineering cycles, give your developers the gift of innovation time, and boost customer satisfaction for your business.

See how Honeycomb compares to traditional application monitoring tools.

Faster incident response

Fast fault localization, no matter how complex your application architecture. Honeycomb helps you analyze your data to discover issues buried deep within your stack.

Treat performance like a feature

Slow is the new down. Honeycomb is designed to help teams make smart investments in optimizing performance for better user experiences.

Release features faster

Teams adopt rules like “no-deployment Fridays” because they’re afraid of surprises. Know exactly what to expect. Break the chains of fear. Ship more features faster, with fewer failures.

Have confidence in production

Get closer to production without fear of breaking it. Have confidence that you know how your code truly works and that you can tackle any problem, no matter how surprising or unique.