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Level Up With Derived Columns: Bucketing Events For Comparison

When we released derived columns last year, we already knew they were a powerful way to manipulate and explore data in Honeycomb, but we didn’t...

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Instrument Your Rails Apps Automatically With Honeycomb's New Rails Integration

You’ve always been able to get observability for your Ruby apps by instrumenting them with our SDK, affectionately known as libhoney. Unfortunately, instrumenting code you’ve...


How Honeycomb Uses Honeycomb, Part 5: Feature Flags

This post continues our dogfooding series from How Honeycomb Uses Honeycomb, Part 4: Check Before You Change. Maybe you’ve heard the saying that correlation does...

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Build Observable Systems

What should you log? When your systems break, it’s great to be able to look at what they were doing just before they broke. A...