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Incident Response  

Incident Management Steps and Best Practices

Incident management is the way an organization reacts to any kind of outage (security, broken code, severe weather, or anything that’s disruptive to customer service)....


5 Ways to Increase Release Velocity with Observability

The pressure on today’s development teams is real: innovate, release quickly, and then do it all again, only faster. Is it any surprise that studies...

Software Engineering   Observability  

5 Ways Honeycomb Saves Time, Money, and Sanity

If debugging has sucked the soul out of your engineers, we’ve got the answer: event-based observability. Instead of spending hours and resources trying to find...

OpenTelemetry   Debugging  

Errors Got You Down? Honeycomb and OpenTelemetry are Here to Help

It’s 5:00 pm on a Friday. You’re wrapping up work, ready to head into the weekend, when one of your high-value customers Slacks you that...

Service Level Objectives  

The Case for SLOs

With one key practice, it’s possible to help your engineers sleep more, reduce friction between engineering and management, and simplify your monitoring to save money....