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Now Available: Honeycomb Launches Data Residency in Europe

By Rox Williams  |   Last modified on February 20, 2024

At Honeycomb, we are very concerned about privacy and data sovereignty—it’s something we take very seriously, and in an effort to serve our customers better, we’re thrilled to announce that we now offer data residency in Europe. 

This new instance will allow Honeycomb customers to store their data in the US, in Europe, or both. Let’s talk about the details.  

What does the EU-based instance provide?

Honeycomb’s EU-based SaaS cloud instance complies with the EU-US Data Privacy Framework. With Honeycomb’s existing cloud instance deployed in North America, customers can now meet regional data privacy regulations in both NA and EU, enabling distributed development teams to utilize Honeycomb’s best-in-class observability solution. Additionally, Terms of Service will now automatically incorporate a Data Processing Agreement (DPA), which means this process will be automatic instead of requiring a manual signature. Customers on our Free plans will also have access to this feature.

Different instance, same Honeycomb support

As pioneers in the observability space, Honeycomb offers white-glove onboarding and continuous support for EU customers. Beyond a platform vendor, Honeycomb serves as a trusted partner to EU teams, providing expert guidance from configuring OpenTelemetry instrumentation to setting up telemetry pipelines, all through communication channels (Slack or in-person) that work best for customers. And to help evolve observability within customer teams, Honeycomb delivers in-person presentations and materials to help teams understand and adopt best practices.

Short FAQ

What features are available in the EU instance?

There is complete feature parity between the two instances, though they are wholly separate. 

How does this impact pricing?

Pricing is the same between the US and EU instances. 

What if my company has entities in North America and Europe? How does that work?

If you operate in both North America and Europe and want to separate your data, that’s possible! We can set it up so that you send your NA data to NA, and your EU data to EU. This will allow you to meet your compliance regulations. You can also opt to send all your data to the EU instance if that is the more stringent compliance environment.

Get started today

We encourage all current (or new) customers interested in European data residency to reach out to a sales representative to get the process started. We’ll offer a self-serve option in the future, but in the meantime, talking with sales is the best way to get started. 

If you have questions, you can also ask in our Slack community, Pollinators, to get some answers—we have lots of really helpful folks there!


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