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Senior Content Marketing Manager

The First of Her Name, Mother of Pugs, Breaker of Leashes, Khaleesi of the Goth Office, Rox is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Honeycomb. She comes to us with a background in DevOps writing. In her spare time, you can find her at a vegan restaurant with her partner, or adopting too many senior pugs.

Debugging   Customer Stories  

ShipHero's Observability Journey to Seamless Software Debugging

Committed to timely service, ShipHero recognizes that the seamless performance of its software is paramount to customer satisfaction. To maintain this high standard, the development...


Our Favorite #chArt

Heatmaps are a beautiful thing. So are charts. Even better is that sometimes, they end up producing unintentional—or intentional, in the case of our happy...