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Honeycomb Wins Comparably Awards for “Best CEOs for Diversity” and “Best Leadership Team”

By Harrison Calato  |   Last modified on July 16, 2022

Honeycomb also recognized for “Best CEOs for Women,” bringing its total to three awards

SAN FRANCISCO, June 15, 2022 – Honeycomb, a leading observability platform used by high-performance teams to quickly visualize, analyze, and improve cloud application quality and performance, today announced that it has received three Comparably awards for “Best CEOs for Women,” “Best CEOs for Diversity,” and “Best Leadership Teams.” All three awards are based on how employees rate and approve their company culture and leadership. 

From the start, Honeycomb has been invested in building a diverse and inclusive workplace, and these recognitions are a testament to our commitment. But our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) journey is far from over. We are constantly improving our DEI efforts through new partnerships, policies, and, most importantly, employee feedback.

“As women, Charity Majors and I have had a stake in team DEI from the start but as veterans of the tech startup world, we wanted to make sure focus stayed on what we did as a business and for our employees—not on us as minority founders,” shared Christine Yen, Co-Founder and CEO of Honeycomb.”Cultural DEI recognition from orgs like comparably play an important role in ensuring candidates clearly understand our position on building an inclusive workplace, and is the best outcome of our "show, don't tell" approach to DEI culture.”

Every year Comparably celebrates the companies and leaders deemed as the most exceptional in 16 categories by those who know best—employees. Winning a Comparably Award is truly an achievement based entirely on employee feedback in nearly 20 core culture metrics, from leadership and work environment to compensation and outlook. Four different awards are released each quarter, culminating in the biggest awards given at the end of the year: Best Places to Work, Best CEOs, Best Companies for Women, and Best Companies for Diversity.

Honeycomb is always looking for teammates to share in its mission to help engineering teams deeply explore and understand their production systems in real-time. To learn more about our values and find job postings, visit

To learn more about the Comparably awards, visit: 

About Honeycomb

Honeycomb provides observability for high-performance engineering teams so they can quickly understand what their code does in the hands of real users in unpredictable and highly complex cloud environments. Honeycomb customers stop wasting precious time on engineering mysteries because they can quickly solve them and know exactly how to create fast, reliable, and great customer experiences. HelloFresh, Stripe, Slack, Heroku, CircleCI, LaunchDarkly, and many more rely on Honeycomb for fast incident response, performance optimization, and to safely accelerate release cycles. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter.

About Comparably

Comparably is a leading workplace culture and corporate brand reputation platform with over 15 million anonymous employee ratings on 70,000 companies. With the most comprehensive data on large and SMB organizations in nearly 20 different workplace categories – based on gender, ethnicity, age, experience, industry, location, and education – it is one of the most used SaaS platforms for employer branding and a trusted third- party site for workplace culture and compensation. For more information on Comparably's studies and annual Best Places to Work Awards, visit Comparably News.

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