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Sam Stokes talks about data infrastructure on the Data Engineering Podcast

By Rachel Perkins  |   Last modified on January 11, 2019

This past week, Honeycomb engineering manager Sam Stokes was interviewed on the Data Engineering Podcast, and in addition to hearing him talk a little about himself (which as far as I can tell, he almost never does) I thought you might want to hear all about Honeycomb’s data infrastructure in Sam’s voice (which is extremely soothing) as well:

Listen to or download the podcast here.

In addition to talking about the characteristics of our event data, Sam describes how we leverage our own use of Honeycomb to support and analyze our customer usage rapidly and at scale, by slicing and dicing our own performance graphs.

honeycombs that look like graphs

Further in, you get a deep-dive example of what high cardinality is, and how the ability to rapidly query high-cardinality fields in your data will help you make your customers happier.

If you’re short on time: you get a major new piece of wisdom right at the outset of the podcast–a new corollary to the “don’t build a database” rule….

Michael Cera winking


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