Dig into the requests that matter with distributed tracing

Dig into the requests that matter with distributed tracing

Dig into the requests that matter with distributed tracing

Deep dive into individual traces or zoom out and compare across multiple requests, users, and systems to identify problem patterns.

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Quickly compare every attribute on millions of requests to hone in on problem areas

Other distributed tracing tools give you isolated waterfalls, which by themselves, don’t tell you if what you’re seeing is representative of the system-wide issues that are impacting your users.

By combining traces with the anomaly detection tool BubbleUp, however, Honeycomb automatically compares every attribute on millions of requests to tell you which traces are tied to bad user experiences. Instead of poking around in individual traces looking for (and guessing at) patterns, use Honeycomb to determine which arbitrary combinations of factors are colliding such as Canadian users, using the french language pack, on Android 12, who installed after Tuesday evening. And then dig into only the traces that match these attributes to see where things are slow or failing.

Honeycomb’s distributed tracing has massive advantages over metrics and other monitoring tools.

The transactions are encoded with deep information resulting in multiple visualizations that you can seamlessly switch between to get alternative perspectives on the problem and hone in on the patterns.

Kesha Mykhailov

Senior Product Engineer

Instrument your apps free of vendor lock-in with OpenTelemetry

Tracing requires instrumenting your services, and Honeycomb makes this easy through our support of OpenTelemetry. If you have existing code instrumented, and are able to run the OTel collector in your infrastructure (as a sidecar or service) you’ll be able to send us traces in minutes without making any changes to your instrumentation. If not, we provide a variety of language specific distributions, receivers, and templates to get you up and running quickly.