GitLab is a supported CI platform that can be used with Honeycomb’s Buildevents binary.

Buildevents is used to instrument build pipeline systems.

How it works

Buildevents is a small binary used to help instrument builds to generate trace telemetry. Typically, it is installed during the setup phase and then invoked as part of each step in a build to capture invocation and output details. The trace generated at the end contains details about what occurred throughout the entire build.

Generated traces contain spans for each section and subsection of the build, with each span representing individual or groups of actual commands that are executed. The duration of each span is how long that stage or specific command took to run. Each span also contains data such as whether or not the command succeeded and any additional data you choose to capture. When your build concludes, this integration ensures your trace is sent to Honeycomb.

This example highlights various notable items a buildevents trave waterfall visualization



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