LaunchDarkly Triggers

This integration lets you do things like creating an alert in Honeycomb that will toggle a LaunchDarkly feature flag on or off if application performance drops below a certain threshold. It can be used to automatically ensure that new feature rollouts do not negatively impact user experience.

How it works

Honeycomb and LaunchDarkly use similar nomenclature, but a Honeycomb Trigger is not synonomous with a LaunchDarkly Trigger. Honeycomb Triggers are actions that send webhooks to 3rd party tools when defined query conditions are met. For example, you could configure a Honeycomb Trigger to query P95 latency for a particular API endpoint over a defined period of time. Then, suppose you toggle a feature flag on to expose a new feature to your users.

With this integration you could configure the Honeycomb Trigger to send webhook to LaunchDarkly asking it to toggle that same flag. LaunchDarkly’s Trigger feature would then toggle the flag to off. In this configuration, alerts from Honeycomb trigger feature flag actions in LaunchDarkly.

Access to this integration is only available to LaunchDarkly Enterprise customers, but it can be used by Honeycomb users at any tier.



LaunchDarkly Honeycomb Triggers Docs

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