This integration connects Honeycomb to your ServiceNow workflows. It utilizes several features that are only available to Honeycomb Enterprise customers.

This is a community-contributed plugin for ServiceNow.

How it works

This plugin takes a refreshing approach to ITSM integration by creating a rich integration experience that better connects Honeycomb to ServiceNow. You can do things like create and update configuration items, or use Honeycomb data to create ServiceNow service dependency maps.

You can connect Change Requests to Honeycomb performance graphs that show you real time impacts. You ServiceNow instance can also be set as a recipient on any Trigger or SLO burn alert. When that happens, ServiceNow Incidents and Events will be created and sync’ed to reflect the current status of the conditions that created them. More info in the plugin repo.

The “Open in Honeycomb” button allows you to open a dashboard in Honeycomb directly from a ServiceNow Change Request.



ServiceNow Plugin for Honeycomb Repo

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New Honeycomb Integration With ServiceNow

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