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Making Your Observability Costs Predictable: Maximize Your Telemetry Insights

Maximize Insights, Minimize Costs 💰

Cost constraints can restrict your team from ingesting the amount of telemetry data and custom metrics it needs to adequately understand your application. In this webinar, we’ll uncover the cost challenges of scaling observability programs with traditional application performance monitoring (APM) vendors and explore how Honeycomb enables engineers to altogether avoid the tradeoff between system visibility and cost. We’ll also drill deeper with Honeycomb customer, Pax8 , to hear their story of reducing cost and increasing visibility with Honeycomb.


 Special Guest

🌟 Tyler Kron, Director of Software Engineering at Pax8


Key learning points

🌐 Unlimited custom attributes: Unlock the potential of limitless custom attributes for debugging without affecting your budget.

📊 Event-based pricing: Experience the advantage of paying based on event volume rather than traditional methods like seats, servers, or fields.

📈 Advanced data analysis: Learn to handle high-dimensionality and high-cardinality data seamlessly, free from additional costs.