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Coding a New Customer Experience: How Vanguard Upleveled Their Org and Brand With Observability


Transformation is hard. Radically changing the way engineers work is difficult enough with one team, let alone trying to do that with teams across your entire organization. The key to success is finding ways to deliver early wins and move quickly to get everyone onboard. The hard part is figuring out exactly how that’s done.

Rich Anakor, Chief Solutions Architect at Vanguard, runs a small team with a colossal goal: Give Vanguard customers a top-notch experience by enabling internal engineering teams to better understand their massively complex production environment. He joins Honeycomb to talk about how adopting observability is changing the way his teams prioritize effort and do their best work. Learn how to:

- Identify an observability roadmap that fits your business
- Use Honeycomb with OTel to get answers to incredibly complex questions in minutes (not months)
- Champion adoption in every corner of your org and production environment

Racking up quick wins sometimes means starting small.