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It's 2024, The Frontend Deserves Observability Too

How are users experiencing your web services?

Your web frontends are the place your customers spend all their time and is where the money is made. But many web frontend tools are stuck in an observability 1.0 mindset: you have a bunch of aggregated metrics about page performance that can be sliced in a few predefined ways, and beyond that you need to look at individual user session recordings to get a richer understanding of the metrics. Worst case, you add a bunch of console.logs to your code and hunt for the problem there.

At Honeycomb, we believe that observability 2.0 practices provide a far better way of understanding how users are interacting with your services. In this webinar we’ll discuss how observability 2.0 practices give you a new set of tools for asking questions about your web services—from code behavior in production to user’s interactions with new features.

Key learning points

  • How to instrument your web frontend with OpenTelemetry
  • What observability 2.0 practices look like
  • How to use custom instrumentation to answer your specific questions