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How Intelligent Medical Objects Solved a Mysterious Spike in Latency With Observability

As a healthcare company, time is of the essence for Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO), which provides electronic health record technology to help doctors better serve their patiens. So when a spike in latency hit their application, with 50% of requests taking longer than 6.5 seconds to resolve at P50, IMO’s application team was immediately on the case.

By implementing Honeycomb, the team finally uncovered and resolved the issue, and were able to hit their goal of 80% of requests completing faster than 15 milliseconds.

As the IMO application team learned, engineers of all levels of experience can diagnose and solve major issues in production with observability. Download this guide and learn how implementing Honeycomb can help your team:

  • Debug issues faster
  • Get started on a trajectory of production excellence
  • Deliver value to your customers