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Using Honeycomb to Optimize CI/CD Delivery Pipeline Performance with CircleCI

How quickly you’re able to ship code changes to production is a competitive differentiator. Building faster and more stable Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines is what helps you reduce time between code commit and running in production. Slower CI pipelines encourage batching up changes into large releases because they’re so painful to use. Fast CI pipelines create lower overhead per change, encouraging smaller batch sizes that are shipped quickly. 

How you optimize build pipeline performance can make or break your competitive edge.

This step-by-step guide uses a sample app to walk you through hands-on exercises that show you how to instrument your builds, identify bottlenecks, and quickly debug flaky tests using the Honeycomb buildevents library. You need a free Honeycomb account, a free CircleCI account, and less than 30 minutes to learn how to optimize any of your build pipelines.