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Structured Events Are The Basis of Observability


Welcome to The Authors’ Cut Series
In this inaugural Authors’ Cut session, we kick off your observability journey by exploring the fundamental technical requirements needed for capturing high-cardinality and high-dimensionality data, the secret sauce of observability. You’ll walk away with a technical blueprint for how to approach instrumentation and gather the right level of telemetry to achieve the business outcomes that can only be derived by leveraging observability.

Topics include:
- Structured Events are the Building Blocks of Observability. How to capture the right level of granular data to debug any state your application can get into. (Chapter 5)
- Stitching Events into Traces. Understand system interdependencies by connecting structured events to track the progression of a request across a distributed trace. (Chapter 6)
- Instrumentation with OpenTelemetry (OTel). A vendor-neutral look on how to implement instrumentation with open standards that will work with a wide variety of backend telemetry stores. (Chapter 7)

About This Series
Welcome to The Authors’ Cut series. In writing the O’Reilly Observability Engineering book, our goal is to help you achieve production excellence, based on our experiences building and operating commercial SaaS products at scale, and as creators of observability tooling for high-performance engineering teams. These are interactive sessions led by authors Charity Majors, Liz Fong-Jones, and George Miranda where you’ll discuss concepts in the book, see how to apply them in Honeycomb, and get advice on strategy and implementation in your world.